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wTe’s vision is to be the leading technology driven value added recycler of metals and plastics in the world. 

Our values are prominently displayed in each of our operations, and are key to the Company:

wTe’s employees, above all, are honest.  Honesty means straight talk and straight truths.  wTe’s employees value integrity and it is a key component of their self-esteem.

Our Company is made up of individuals that work together to resolve issues and identify opportunities to grow our business. A good team breaks down barriers, has open dialogue and treats one another with respect. We take advantage of and draw upon our diverse perspectives and experiences to work on common goals.  We collaborate with each other to arrive at the best solution for the team.

Commitment to Excellence
wTe and its business units are committed to continual improvement. This means consistently and relentlessly looking for ways to make the Company better in the following areas:

  • Customer and supplier service
  • Quality in our products and the work we perform
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Environmental performance
  • Efficiency and productivity









wTe employees are dependable. We show up for work every day. We do what we say we are going to do, and we do it on time. Our core employees consistently meet their work obligations and are always willing to pitch in to help. We stand by our commitments and strive for mutually beneficial opportunities with our customers and suppliers.


wTe’s mission is to “apply technology and commercial experience to convert recycling challenges into value added business opportunities.” The key to achieving this mission on a day to day basis is the creativity and energy of our team. We identify and solve problems with creative solutions. Whether the problem relates to a sudden change in our markets or a new recycling challenge, our Company prides itself on the ability of its employees to identify the problem, develop a concept for a solution, and implement a new and creative approach.


wTe Corporate Headquarters
7 Alfred Circle
Bedford, MA 01730


136C Fuller Road
Albany, NY 12205


Novapet, Inc.
23 Tupper Boulevard
Amherst, NS B4H 4J4


wTe Recycling, Inc.
75 Southern Ave.
Greenfield, MA  01301


Spectramet LLC
7 Alfred Circle
Bedford, MA 017301