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wTe Corporation is a technology-driven, value-added recycling company with specific expertise in the processing of metals and plastics. The Company’s corporate headquarters are located in Bedford, Massachusetts and its current operations include plants in Greenfield, Massachusetts, Albany, New York, and Nova Scotia, Canada. 

wTe was started in 1981 to develop waste-to-energy alternatives using state-of-the-art technologies pioneered by the founders of the company. Early customers were municipalities or municipal vendors seeking technical and strategic assistance on the design and operation of waste-to-energy facilities and recycling operations. During this period, wTe was selected by the city of Akron, Ohio, to operate its 1,000 ton-per-day waste-to-energy plant.

In the 1990s, wTe secured outside capital to expand its operations in the recycling sector. Gradually, as business opportunities in this arena became clear, the mission of the Company shifted to include developing and delivering creative, efficient, cost-effective solutions for reclaiming PET (polyethylene terepthalate) plastic resins, the material used in the manufacture of a variety of beverage bottles. Today, UltrePET, LLC (a partnership of wTe and Tomra of North America) is a leading national recycler of PET plastic resins.

wTe also acquired several metals recycling businesses in this time frame, with a plan to transform the metals recycling business model to focus on ferrous and non-ferrous metals recovered from waste-to-energy facilities. Over the last fifteen years, wTe, through its wholly-owned subsidiary wTe Recycling, Inc.,  has become the leading national municipal ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycler, with a regional focus on the Northeast.

More recently, wTe has taken on new challenges in the high-value non-ferrous metals market. wTe has established a partnership called Spectramet LLC with National Recovery Technologies in Nashville, Tennessee to develop a revolutionary approach to high speed metals sortation. A related approach for molten metal applications has also been undertaken through another partnership called Melt Cognition LLC.

Through UltrePET, Spectramet and our metals business, wTe is driven to develop new business opportunities capitalizing on our core strengths in applying technology and operating know-how to solve complex recycling challenges.


wTe Corporate Headquarters
7 Alfred Circle
Bedford, MA 01730


136C Fuller Road
Albany, NY 12205


Novapet, Inc.
23 Tupper Boulevard
Amherst, NS B4H 4J4


wTe Recycling, Inc.
75 Southern Ave.
Greenfield, MA  01301


Spectramet LLC
7 Alfred Circle
Bedford, MA 017301