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wTe Corporation is a technology-driven, value-added recycling company located in Bedford, MA. The Company operates plastics and metals recycling and refining operations in several locations in North America.

Plastics >>
wTe’s Plastics Division operates under the name UltrePET, LLC, an Albany, NY based partnership between wTe Corporation and Tomra of North America. wTe Corporation owns 51% of UltrePET and is the managing partner of the business.

UltrePET, LLC is a leading national recycler of polyethylene terephthalate (“PET”) plastic resins. PET is the principal resin used in the manufacture of clear or green soda bottles, water bottles and a variety of other new age beverages. UltrePET receives as raw material mixed color PET bales, shredded PET or dirty ground PET and converts these feedstocks into finished resins sold in competition with virgin PET into bottle, sheet, engineered resin and strapping applications.

Metals >>
wTe’s Metals Division operates under the name wTe Recycling, Inc. The business was formed in 1990 and is located in Greenfield, MA. The metals business processes municipal ferrous metals recovered from Waste-to-Energy facilities and traditional ferrous and non-ferrous metals from various sources. The operation is one of a small number of automobile shredders located in the Northeast, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and processing equipment.

New Technologies >>
wTe has committed significant resources to the development of new, high speed processing technologies serving the metals recycling industry. Spectramet LLC, a joint venture with National Recovery Technologies, Inc (“NRT”, Nashville, TN), targets high speed sorting of various high value non-ferrous metals using a revolutionary opto-electronic approach. Over the past twelve years wTe and NRT have raised nearly $12.0 million in federal funds to develop this family of technologies. wTe is now commercializing this business in the high temperature alloy segment and in the traditional non-ferrous markets.

Melt Cognition LLC is another wTe joint venture established to target molten metal applications for the Spectramet family of sorting and identification technologies. wTe hopes to develop a worldwide market for new technologies designed to dramatically improve efficiencies in the production of metal products by reducing the time required to alloy and test molten metal composition.


wTe Corporate Headquarters
7 Alfred Circle
Bedford, MA 01730


136C Fuller Road
Albany, NY 12205


Novapet, Inc.
23 Tupper Boulevard
Amherst, NS B4H 4J4


wTe Recycling, Inc.
75 Southern Ave.
Greenfield, MA  01301


Spectramet LLC
7 Alfred Circle
Bedford, MA 017301